We understand how it feels to be out of balance, and our mission is to guide you towards optimal health. You deserve to be here, and you deserve to be well.

Our innovative sessions support you to adjust your lifestyle in alignment with your preferences. You will learn how to make lasting, sustainable changes and get the most out of life.

With an overabundance of diets, myths, and misinformation online, it can be overwhelming to know what’s right for you. We will help you cut through the noise and find your path. Optimizing your nutrition, mindset, and movement habits can be simple. Finding harmony and balance is more than achievable with the right tools and support structures in place.


Let’s do this!


Areas of practice

Gut health, IBS and IBD (Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease)

– Weight optimization and nutritional counseling

– Hormone imbalance and energy regulation

– Disordered eating

– Injury rehabilitation

– Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic disorders

– Arthritis, COPD, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol regulation and fat malabsorption

– Coeliac disease and non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity

– Nutrigenomics and genetic testing, specializing in detoxification and methylation pathways 

– Auto-immune disorders. Food and chemical intolerances and sensitivities (MCS)

– Comprehensive laboratory testing

– Development of supportive habits, including meditation, movement and mindset practices




Samantha Rogers - Founder & Principal Dietitian
Samantha Rogers - Founder & Principal Dietitian

Dietitian & Nutritionist (Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Australia)

RYT200 Yoga instructor

Certified Meditation Teacher

Holistic Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)