Nutrition, dietetics, yoga & meditation.

Nutrition, movement and mindset are deeply connected, and restoring harmony across all three areas underpins rapid, sustainable change. Leveraging the intersection of traditional wisdom, alternative health and the latest in evidence based science, Integrative Dietitian protocols are tailored to your unique life circumstances, health concerns and goals.

We utilize cutting edge technologies including microbiome testing and nutrigenomics to understand your health at a molecular level. Once assessed, your results are used to develop a specialized program featuring innovative nutrition, movement and mind-body practices that will ease you through plateaus and accelerate your progress over time so that you feel better than ever before.


First, do no harm – Hippocrates

From traditional modes of eating to modern diets, the media is awash with promises of helping you find balance and feel 110% using keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, the 80/20 diet, biohacking, nootropics, low carb/high healthy fat, vegan, vego, low lectin, dairy free diets, gluten free diets and more. How do you identify what will work best for you?

Bio-individuality is key because we are all different, and what promotes health for one person may not work for another. The plus side to having so many dietary options and food products available is that finding a balance nutritionally doesn’t need to be restrictive. You can learn to evolve your diet gently and sustainably, and discover delicious recipes and snacks that will nourish and fuel your body and support optimal health. 


Leverage neuroscience to lock in new habits

Scientific studies report that practicing yoga and tai chi may enhance the ability to form new habits and achieve goals. These practices also help control reactive emotional responses, meaning that forming a simple movement practice will make it easier to find a peaceful place you can turn to when life sends challenges your way 🍋 There is a science to forming new habits and we guide you through each step of the process using a wealth of tips, tricks and hacks that make lifestyle change a pleasure to undertake. 


Integrate your mind and body

Learning to observe your thoughts, calm your mind and be present in each moment has beneficial effects on overall health and wellbeing, and particularly the immune system and digestive system. It also helps to balance the production of neurotransmitters, which include serotonin and dopamine, otherwise known as the feel good chemicals. And you don’t need to meditate for hours a day! Studies report that specific types of meditation are highly effective at inducing alpha brainwaves (the meditative state) in just minutes. Learn how to hack your nervous system and relax anywhere with practices that are simple to learn and master.